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Carpet in Woodstock, ON

Carpet is a versatile, long-lasting flooring solution for any home, offering homeowners a chance to bring new life into their residence at an affordable cost. SacWal Flooring Canada is a full-service flooring retailer featuring carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl in Woodstock, ON. Visit our expansive showroom to browse our carpeting collections and speak with a flooring specialist about which carpet or flooring option will best meet your design goals. You can count on our team to provide top-notch customer service from the initial consultation through final installation.

We offer commercial and residential carpeting that is suitable for any type of property as an exclusive flooring dealer. Our carpets come in an array of fibers, colours, textures, patterns, and designs. Give one room a makeover or redesign the floor plan of your whole house! With nationwide 500-store buying power, the design possibilities are endless when you shop with us. Still one of the most popular flooring choices for Canadian homes, our carpets provide elegance and warmth when the cold weather arrives. Browse our online catalog, and you’ll find some of the following select brands available:

A Highly Durable Carpet Selection

Choosing to install carpeting in any home or office will provide property owners with a wide range of flooring options and benefits. The “pile” of a carpet refers to its surface, with two main types of pile available: loop-pile and cut-pile. Smooth cut-pile or “plush” carpeting is comprised of trimmed bundles of looped yarn. This pattern resists stains, is simple to clean, and is one of our best-selling products. Cut-pile carpeting is a fabulous choice for entire-home carpet renovations.

Berber cut-pile carpets are a thicker carpeting alternative for locations such as children’s rooms or other casual spaces. Berber not only softens a child's fall but can also camouflage dirt while remaining easy to vacuum. Berber loop-pile, a system of high, closed-level loops, hides foot and vacuum marks well. This makes it the perfect option for high-traffic areas such as hallways.

Many homeowners consider cut-and-loop carpeting as a happy medium since this carpeting type combines the advantages of both carpet choices into one great selection. This combination enables manufacturers to design the carpet with multicoloured, elegant patterns that provide a soft feel while still hiding footprints and dirt for trouble-free maintenance.

For a full selection of carpeting types available, explore the following carpet types in our showroom:

  • Frieze
  • Loop-Pile
  • Cut-Loop Pile
  • Cut-and-Loop Pile
  • Saxony
  • Textured Saxony
  • Pattered
  • Berber
  • Area Rugs

A Low-Maintenance Flooring Solution

The ease with which our carpets can be cleaned is one of the many reasons why people adore them. If you give your carpet the care and attention it requires, it will last for years. To remove any stains that may have accumulated, we recommend that our customers vacuum their carpets once a week and arrange professional cleanings yearly. We understand that in most households, messes are unavoidable. Accidental spills can be cleaned with a damp cloth and soap or a light carpet cleaner. Check your warranty before purchasing any cleaning products that include harsh chemicals, such as bleach. At the time of purchase, we are always delighted to make cleaning product recommendations.

Professional Carpet Installations Available

It's essential to arrange professional installation once you've chosen your new flooring to ensure that it looks fantastic and performs well. For the best results, consider our professional installation team for your project. Our experienced technicians will arrive at a time that works best for you and will work efficiently to avoid household disruptions. Each of our carpeting products is backed by an Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your new floor, give us a call within 30 days and we can replace it with a similar model, free of charge.


Contact us today to browse and purchase high-quality carpeting from our extensive inventory. We proudly serve customers in Woodstock, Cambridge, and Brantford, ON.

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